A Vision as Large as a Nation Fulfilled at a Common Table

The Common Table is a global community of people connected by the heart to introduce India’s unreached to Jesus. 

We believe the gospel doesn’t need a pulpit, but rather a gathering place where we can sit side-by-side and share life together. 

You can join us in this adventure at your own table, wherever you live. 

Start your adventure with the 6-week Common Table Journey.

The Common Table Logo

Why a Table? 

There is nothing more common than a table.

The disciples gathered around one as we gather around one today. The common table is the place where we come together, where we break bread, where we laugh, where we cry, where we connect. It is the place where we make covenants with each other and with God. Around a table those who are unreached no longer remain that way. Around a table you can find radical and joyous community. Around a table you find the common made sacred.

Come To The Table

The table is open for everyone to join. Find a place where you fit and are able to be a part of what God is doing in India. There is a place for every person to be a part of this movement no matter your walk in life.   Come to the Table in any of these four ways.


Set aside some time to come and journey with us in India. Come solo or with a team and see what we're doing in India.


Help us raise awareness of unreached people groups through social media, conversations, communions, and more. 


Give a year of your life to join one of our teams, and become part of the change that is happening all across India.


Our work in India is funded entirely through tax-deductible giving. We invite you to come to the table by sharing financially.

Take a Journey