Journey through india

Enjoy commentary detailing the experience of the culture and people of India.   



A young novice monk with a wry smile looks directly at the camera. This was taken outside a historic, particularly holy temple in Ladakh. Children can begin the process of becoming a monk at a very young age.



This village in Ladakh just got a driveable road for the first time. An optometrist came with two cases of eyeglasses and a machine that allowed him to prescribe glasses to the villagers. He gave out about 300 pairs of glasses; many could see clearly for the first time in their lives. This woman had clearly gone a long time without being able to see well.



This boy is about five or six. He is standing outside the clinic in Ladakh set up by an optometrist to prescribe glasses to people in the village. He’s wearing worn traditional local clothing made from wool.


A group of Sadhus sit in a boat on the Ganges off the shore of Varanasi. They are here for a spiritual experience. I asked them if I could join them for a little ride around. They told me I had to buy them a pack of cigarettes, so I did and got this photograph.


In Varanasi they hold mass ceremonies daily with 5,000 to 10,000 people in attendance, praying to the Ganges River. At first glance it would look like a pentecostal service with great enthusiasm and people raising their hands, but they are praying to a river. This man is a Sadhu. He’s smoking pot, gathered in this place in search of a spiritual experience.