Mussoorie to nag tibba

Enjoy commentary detailing the experience of the culture and people of India.  


Nearby, children were singing songs and capturing the attention of this little girl. Older kids help run the outreach for the sake of the younger kids, ministering to them and teaching them English. 


This is indeed a welcoming house as the woman in the photograph offered to run the outreach program from there. When people here learn English, they often write the words they learn, so you’ll see English words scattered sporadically. 



A little girl sits in the grass under an orange bush near an outreach center. This is a particularly poor area. 


Monkeys are very highly regarded in Mussoorie; they’re actually worshipped. Because they are so revered they are taken care of very well. This photograph was taken right outside the village. 


This is a common scene in a house on the outskirts of Mussoorie. A little girl sits beside her mother who is pounding rice for food for the family.