Short or Long Trips... Eternal Results

Serve alongside Missionaries and Church Planters as they bring the Gospel all across India. You may travel to some of the largest metropolis areas in the world with populations of 14 million people.  Or you may travel through a mountain range in the remote Himalayas to share with people who have never heard the name of Jesus. India is a goldmine of unreached people waiting for willing individuals and teams to come to their table. Fill out the form to get started, and see what India has waiting for you!  

Intensives - Intense 10-day hands-on introduction to church planting work among unreached people groups. This includes training, intercession, and building relationships with the unreached.  Cost: $975 + airfare.

  • April 4-13
  • August 2-11
  • November 19-28
  • February 6-15 (2019)

Internships - 3 or 6-week Urban/Rural Internship experience with our teams among India's unreached.  Dive deep into culture, team life, and our businesses platforms for reaching the lost.  2018 dates:

  • March 7-28, $2500 + airfare
  • June 8 - July 20, $4500 + airfare
  • October 3-24, $2500 + airfare

Study Abroad - Come for a year and earn college credit while you build relationships and share Christ with unreached students on the university campus.

MAPS - Unlimited opportunities across India to engage some of India's 2000 unreached people groups in local language and context.  1-11 months.

Missionary Associate (MA) - Imagine what God can through your life, given into His hands.  Join the Live Dead community in India for 1-2 years of adventure and purpose.