What Is A common table partner?

Common Table Partners are people like you who know they have something to give. They believe in the cause so much that they cannot remain silent. 

The task is enormous.  Over 2000 unreached people groups in India with over 1 billion people cannot be reached by a handful of missionaries on the ground.   Not everyone can come to India.  Not everyone can give thousands of dollars.  But everyone has something to give.  And all of us working together can see the task finished in our lifetime.

Here are 10 ways you can come to the table and be part of sharing the gospel with India's unreached from thousands of miles away. 

1. journey with us.

The Common Table: Inviting Strangers to Become Family is the newest addition to the Live Dead library, and is an invitation to an open way of living.  Author Beth Burton shares her story and the stories of Live Dead India teams as they open their tables and their lives to the unreached all around them. Take a six-week journey through India as seen through the eyes and hearts of friends who call India home. 

You can also journey with us by listening to our Common Table podcasts, found on our Resources page.  You'll hear stories and life lessons from our Live Dead teams, as we apply God's word to daily life among the unreached.  

order your copy of The Common Table: Inviting Strangers to Become Family.

2. Pray for our work... and our workers.

For our work - Pray for unreached people to meet Jesus.  Pray for new workers to come to India, and for new teams and platforms to be started in unreached areas.  Pray for our teams as they build relationships with the lost to lead them to Jesus. You can download images of Unreached People Groups in India from our Resources page to use as a prayer guide.

For our workers - Our Live Dead teams include families with small children, single young men and women, senior adults and widows, short-term and lifelong workers from many parts of the world.  Pray for health, for protection from the enemy in a demonic region.  Pray for children's schooling, and for peace through cultural adaptation.  Pray for marriages, for grace toward other members, for struggles with lonliness and heartbreak.  Pray for joy, faithfulness, and perseverence through trials.


3. Give.

Reaching the lost is India is funded through your grace, generosity, and faithful obedience.  You can help support a young person who is raising funds to come to India for the first time on an internship.  You can give to support a career worker who is raising a family on the mission field.  You can give to help a new worker raise their funds to get to the field for the first time.  You can give to help start a gym, cafe, or other business platform in a new area that is without any known believers.

Click here to give now, or contact us for more information about specific needs.


4. Come.

There are endless opportunities for you to come and serve with our Live Dead teams in India. Whether you can come for 2 weeks, 2 years, or something in between, we can help you find your place as you take the next step in the journey.  Singles, couples, families, teams, young and old are welcome.  Come and see the opportunities to serve that await you in India.

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5. Engage the lost in your own community.

Open up your life and home to those who are different from you.  Open your table for meals with neighbors who do not know Jesus.  The nations, tribes, and tongues of the Great Commission are all around you.  Our Live Dead workers can help you understand how to bridge the culture gap as you reach Indians in your area.  Contact us for more information.

6. Share the vision.

Invite others to the table for India by following our posts on social media, and then share them on your own timeline. 

7. Adopt a Live Dead Team.

You or your small group can talk with, encourage, and pray for a Live Dead team in India through direct emails and videos.  Click here to get in touch.


8. Adopt a specific unreached people group in India.

Devote yourself in prayer and fasting for a specific UPG that our Live Dead teams are working among. You can download UPG images like this one and much more from our Resources page. 

9. Host Common Table Communions.  

Gather with other believers regularly for communion around the idea that while Christ died for me and for us (Believers), He also died for them, the unreached.  Communion does not need to happen in a sacred setting with special elements.  It can happen in common relationships, at a common meal setting, around a common table.  Our Common Table Communion Guide is available to download from the Resources page.

10. Become a strategic partner.

We are seeking partnerships with Senior Pastors, Missions Directors, Chi Alpha leaders, District officials, and other organizational influences.  You can coordinate a partnering campaign in your church or district to bring others to the table.  Help us resource and mobilize a generation to finish the Great Commission in our lifetime.  Contact us to get started.